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Banking the Unbanked

Depending on the source, anywhere from 1.7 billion to 2.5 billion adults across the world are ‘unbanked’, meaning they do not possess a bank account or have access to formal finance. Financial inclusion is a key factor in uplifting global poverty and improving the overall economy.

This situation is not confined to just one part of the world. Whether you live in a developed country or developing region, the unbanked can be found. For example, just 14% of adults in the Middle East hold a bank account. 

The Solution

Everyone should have access to sustainable and stable digital currency, meaning: 


Valued / Backed

Sustainable currency should go far beyond speculation and should represent real value and have real utility. Examples are gold-backed currency or IT capacity tokens that can be redeemed for real capacity.


Safe / Protected

Values should be under full control of the owner, protected by digital signatures and blockchain, and at the same time fully accessible by the owner.


Available / Accessible

With digital keys stored in personal digital twins inside decentralized capacity grid, funds can be fully accessible by the owner from any device, place, and country


Green / Energy-Efficient

Sustainable currency should not require proof of work mining, which is simply a waste of valuable resources. It should be even more cost-efficient than current existing solutions to be scalable and sustainable.

Where We Are

As of the end of Q1 2020, we are in the research and development stage of this project. We are working on an alternative banking wallet, the launch of a gold-backed token and a euro-backed token, integration with the ThreeFold Token (TFT), and more. We believe in the need for this solution now more than ever and will continue to update here on progress.

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