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We (the citizens of FreeFlow Nation) believe the world needs a new nation, a global complementary digital nation. A nation to complement not replace our existing nations, a nation which has no physical boundaries and which welcomes everyone as a digital citizen.

FreeFlow Rights


Everyone has access to affordable education, Internet, healthcare, and banking systems.

Through education, people can improve the living standards for themselves and for their children. Education is the gateway to a better life.

For more than 3 billion people in the world today, above mentioned digital commodities are not available nor affordable. Cost of the information system needs to be low enough.


Everyone has equal chances.

Independent of location, race, gender, religion, etc.

Leave no one behind.

Everyone can deliver services or products to everyone in all transparency and fairness.

Everyone should charge fair costs in relation to their added value. It's not acceptable that a poor farmer receives only 5% of the price we pay for the product in the shop. This is neither sustainable for them nor for the planet.


Everyone has the right to a safe, healthy, and secure environment.

Safety and health are human rights.

Feeling safe and not having to be afraid is important for personal well-being.

Our money and personal information need to be protected.

Systems need to be safe & healthy (e.g. current 5G is potentially harmful).

FreeFlow Declarations


We declare that we are not powerless and we need to act ourselves.

The world needs some healing. There is too much talk in our world and not enough action. We believe that we are not powerless. We shouldn’t blame others – governments, society, politicians or other countries. We all are at the source of the problems the world is facing today, and together we can do something about it.

We have a responsibility to try to improve the things we can have an impact on, and not simply blame others around us.

This doesn’t mean we have no right to a financially comfortable life, but it means we have to act and help heal the world. If we all change what can have an impact on, then the world would be a better place tomorrow.


We declare that respect is the basis of our communication and actions.

We declare that respect and not fear nor ego will be the basis of our communications and our actions in this digital nation.

We don’t have to agree, but respect and tolerance for other opinions is a must.

We need to respect time, e.g. the time of others or our company.


We declare to respect the world’s finite resources.

We need to be respectful for finite world resources.

We will actively look to purchase products which are more sustainable.

We declare that we want to produce high quality and sustainable products or services.


We declare to produce fair and honest information.

We should be critical about the information we consume, not take information at face value.

We need to try to create information which is line with the reality.

We should never create information to deceive people.


We agree that people should never be a product.

We have become a product of a big data machine.

Every action we take on social media, Internet searches, etc, is potential profit for someone else.

We should not believe we get these services for free. This leads to manipulation and too much consumption of world’s resources.

This means we accept to pay for resources used.

Digital Nation Information Laws

The following laws are the fundamentals for the specifications
 of the information management system we have built.


Information is owned by the author(s).

We have sole ownership of our created information/content (e.g. photos, text, videos).
“We” can be an organization (company, government, etc) or a person. 


Everyone has control over his or her own information & community circles.

We define the circles (groups of people) we want to communicate with.

We have absolute freedom to decide what we want to share, and with whom we share it.

We can at any point in time retrieve/destroy our information or revoke access rights.


Information cannot be changed or read without the consent of the author(s).

No one has access to our information unless we have given explicit access rights.

It should be technically impossible for a hacker or other organization to change information and represent it in another way than originally intended.


Information can be verified.

We can ask for verification of the information at any point in time.

We can track to the author unless the author wants to be anonymous, but then we know the source does not want to be known. In other words we don’t fake authorship or hide behind fake accounts.


We define which information we want to search for; search results are not manipulated.

We have the ability to search & consume information in freedom and neutrality.

We don’t like that an AI (Artificial Intelligence) machine decides what information gets priority or is blocked. Today we navigate in a restricted information world, much smaller than we believe. Keeping us uninformed and manipulating the information which is being presented to us can influence our consumption and voting actions.


Law enforcement access to information is important but should not be abused.

Safety is important. Governments or law enforcement agencies should be able to access information when required in all transparency (means authors know what rights governments have and when exercised) and for the right reason.

This access should never be abused for other reasons as public safety.

This right should not lead to unnecessary censorship.

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