FreeFlow Nation ambassadors believe that the world needs more consciousness on 3 levels:

Physical - environment, food production, energy etc.
Spiritual - personal growth in awareness
Digital - the system with the potential to connect us all

As an ambassador we use our "power" to help create this global freewlowing digital nation which has no borders, accepts everyone as a citizen and has as foundation love and respect.

Alain Andreoli

Alain is the Former President of Hybrid IT Group at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. He's the Founder of Earth our Country with a belief that borders are vanishing, and the Planet now turns into our finite geographic, economic and cultural setting. The economy is already global, so is the internet. We need unification.

Bruce Lites

Bruce is an internationally recognized astrophysicist specializing in studies of the Sun and its magnetic fields. He is best known for leading the development of innovative instrumentation for observing solar magnetic fields, both from the ground and in space.

Eda Çarmıklı

Eda is a community builder, a yogi, a blogger, and partner in Joint Idea and Life Works Labs. 
She thrives for true, sincere connections in line with human algorithm and is currently building a modern day ashram, a hermitage for those who are eager to find an alternative reality where our lives are more meaningful and beautiful.

Gert De Spiegeleer

Gert is a Co-founder of Ethernetics. His passions include entrepreneurship, innovation, education fanatic and hardcore collector of beautiful moments.
Also a crypto enthusiast and a proud ambassador of the Threefold Foundation.

Gino Yu

Gino is the Director of Digital Entertainment and Game Development and the Founding Head of the Multimedia Innovation Center at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. His main area of research focuses on the application of media technologies to cultivate creativity and promote enlightened consciousness.

Jennifer Long

Jennifer believes in this endeavor of FreeFlow Nation because it harnesses ThreeFold Network to actually become the 'people's internet' in that it is distributed around the world to share with the population of the planet.

Jennifer Williams

Dr. Williams believes in
living with a purpose to take bold actions for people and planet and with passion to create a world of meaningful connections, innovative solutions, and a shared humanity built on kindness and compassion.

Jeroen Douglas

Jeroen is the Executive Director at Solidaridad Network. His dream is to support practices that create well-being with the poorest farmers and workers on our globe through smart and achievable solutions. These solutions will contribute to a transition towards a society in solidarity and operating within planetary bounderies.

Mariza Wellesley-Wesley

Chief Counsel at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and active member of the International Bar Association (project finance, energy and emerging markets groups)

Markus Lehto

Playful explorer of life, a humanist, and above all, a utopian. I believe we all need to strive for the impossible by applying ourselves and our collective energies on creating heaven on earth within this lifetime. Partner in Joint Idea and Life Works Labs
Real estate developer & consultant. Entrepreneur for good.

Michael Wellesley-Wesley

Michael is Director and Founder of Inogesis, a London-based accelerator that enables blue-chip organizations to harness the power of disruptive technology.

Michel Bauwens

Michel is President of The Foundation for P2P Alternatives; a nonprofit (for the moment still 'virtual'), connecting people interested in researching and promoting peer to peer -based social processes, such as peer production, peer governance, and new modes of universal comman access regimes, or 'peer property'.

Michel Couke

Michel leads the CEO & Board Practice for Lancor, an executive search firm. Michel has led numerous senior executive searches for board members, C-suite, and heads of function for financial sponsors and leading international corporations throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Nico Roozen

Nico Roozen can be considered the founding father of the new Solidaridad and the visionary thinker behind its current strategy and network structure. Since 1984, he gradually transformed a Dutch church-related development organization into a modern civil society organization with an international network structure with a rapidly growing budget and staff.

Shane Williams

Shane is the Founder of Frequency Village; a cultural village with a focus upon transformational workshops, healing, speakers, panels & experiences. The village is designed to raise the frequency of attendees through conscious content & evolutionary experiences.

Shaun Conway

Shaun is a clinically experienced physician, international development specialist and visionary leader at the forefront of solving complex social challenges. He has a passion for designing and building ethical, data-driven technologies.

Jeremy Pfeiffer

Jeremy is a Tech Entrepreneur & Independent Scientific Researcher specializing in experimental validation of non-conventional resonance based technologies. Primary interests: sympathetic vibratory physics, water and consciousness. He co-founded Kairospace Technologies, a development accelerator of companies & sustainable technologies for the global marketplace.

Anna Allen

Anna has developed “Solutions of Harmony for the Highest Good” by applying her natural gifts, formal education, professional acumen, and miraculous experiences for almost three decades.
As a Social Scientist, she is Globally known as a renowned Advisor, Author, & Alchemist to leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers alike.

Charles Blass

Charles is a curator-activator and team builder working at the intersection of movement growing, systems thinking, and dynamic mapping. Integrating diverse approaches to knowledge gardening and collective wisdom cultivation, Charles explores creative innovations in on- and off-chain governance and social norms.

Dimitrios Dermentzioglou 

Dimitrios is a medical ethnomusicologist who has been leading people worldwide to awaken their musicality and creativity through Meditation and Celebration. He has studied and applied the inherited gifts of music, art, & movement for more than 3 decades and the ways to bridge modern science and traditional wisdom for self-developement and self-healing.

Alan Laubsch

Alan is an internationally recognized thought-leader in risk management. He started the Natural Capital Markets group at Lykke Corp, and listed TREE, the world’s first mangrove and carbon credit backed digital token. Alan is inspired by evolutionary ecosystems and his mission is to catalyze a global risk culture to protect the systems that sustain us.

David Wilcock 

David Wilcock is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and advisor, primarily in all things fintech, impact, and decentralized. He is also an award-winning voiceover actor (2017 SOVAS Voice Arts nominee, "Audiobook Narration - Humor, Best Voiceover"), and songwriter (honorary mention, Billboard Songwriting Competition).


The first citizens of the FreeFlow Nation,
we are passionate about making the world a better place

Kristof De Spiegeleer

Humanist & motivated entrepreneur, passionate to help make the world a better place. Kristof strongly believes there is need for a neutral internet owned by millions.

Isabelle Peeters

Isabelle is the owner of Veda and hosts retreats on the beautiful river Nile. Her dream is to help people grow in awareness, and make the world a more peaceful place by doing so.

Adnan Fatayerji

Adnan Fatayerji is an entrepreneur and part of a diverse team of innovators trying make the world a better place by connecting billions of people to a new, neutral and green internet.

Andreas Hartl

Establishing new brands and building solid successful teams have been Andreas passion for more than 15 years.

Olivia Jurado

Olivia is an eco-socialpreneur, living each day in mindful ways in an attempt to get back to a manner of living that is more harmonious with nature, while trying to find a balance between high tech and low tech living. Spreading the love - into the fold.

Owen Kemp

In all walks of life, Owen looks for an equitable exchange of value and believes in doing everything in a socially responsible way. He loves working with diverse teams as they best represent our amazing planet. Emerging markets have been his passion and my profession. Once described as an optimist and anarchist, he loves doing things in an unconventional way.

Sabrina Sadik

Sabrina is a firm believer in equality and fairness. She believes that everyone should be treated the same, regardless of where you were born, where you live or who you are. Everyone should be given the same opportunities in life.

Ahmed Zidan

Working, playing, acting and living consciously are key to living an examined life and building the civilization of the future. With FreeFlow Nation, Ahmed hopes to cultivate a unified and holistic approach that facilitates this conscious awareness and way of life.

Sacha Obeegado

Sacha is a positive and outgoing individual. Seeking challenging and dynamic opportunities, he invests himself in sustainable activities with a view to producing real results and doing good for the world. He believes that change is the only constant.

Simin Gerards

Simin’s career spans over 23 years in the finance sector, specializing on the capital markets business, trading and exchanges. She is inspired by form and harmony, and finds great outlet in sculpting and designing metal artifacts.

Weynand Kuijpers

Weynand is a rocket scientist that loves slingshotting new technologies into customer-centric orbits. He has been working with teams at the start of the internet and he developed a growing interest to help, optimise and simplify the world of IT.

Patrick Jansen

Patrick envisions a united world where love & gratitude rule. By respecting love and gratitude he thinks we could make life so much nicer for ourselves and for all people on this globe. As an optician he's used to change the faces of his lovely customers, one face at a time.

Roel van Sabben

Roel's main focus in life is positive growth. In all aspects, he seeks to push boundaries that help him, the people around him, or even people he does not even know. He's a firm believer of the ripple effect; the more positive ripples you send out, the more people are likely to be affected by them, to in their turn replicate the ripples. Being an Explorer is one of those ripples.

Sam Taggart 

New places, cultures, and experiences bring Sam joy – opportunities to learn, evolve, & open his mind. Having been exposed to many corners of the world, he is inspired by the beauty of our differences, & humbled by the similarities of our desires. Sam is a community builder & is driven to help grow this global effort to bring positive and impactful change to our planet.

 Maximilian Rang

As a peer-to-peer maximalist, metaphysical advisor, and healer, Maximilian is contributing to a world that enables individuals more and more to connect and live their highest potentials.

 Kristine Vilnite

 Compassionate innovator, founder, advisor, sustainable development advocate. Kristine adds value by unlocking power of diversity, simplicity and genuinity towards complex challenges assuring that a positive net impact on the planet is a norm. Building a sustainable foundation for the future and just being a loving, kind, explorer is how Kristine loves to spend her day(-s).

Bert Van Decraen

Daydreamer, Architect of new worlds. Bert strongly believes that if we dare to look fundamentally different at most things, we can find a better and more sustainable alternative to most of the challenges in our path. Alternatives that contribute to our society and ourselves. Let’s reinvent reality together.


Creation and growth is not possible without healing

Dave De Belder

Dave has worked in the best kitchens this world has to offer. Elbulli (ES), Librije (NL), El Celler de Can Roca (ES) and his own Godevaart (BE) & Cara & Co (AU). The michelin star chef has always been very conscious about food and how it ties in with spirituality, healing and peoples conscience.

Isabelle Peeters

Isabelle is the owner of Veda and hosts retreats on the beautiful river Nile. Her dream is to help people grow in awareness, and make the world a more peaceful place by doing so.

Daniela Nikolova

Daniela is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence Guide, and Intuitive Personal & Business Advisor who combines her knowledge and natural gifts in different therapies and healing modalities to assist others achieve balance, awareness, & alignment on all levels and areas of their lives.

FreeFlow Matchmakers

Matchmakers connect their network of investors with aligned innovators who desire to be agents of positive change and bridge their influential resources to conscious technologies, products, and impact projects that provide balance, harmony and health to create a prosperous and thriving global society.

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