Our approach for a better world

Already in motion, built on freedom and respect for humanity and nature


Unlimited access to education

Education is empowerment. We focus on education content as well as the required tools to provide education to a billion people. Through simple technologies like video conferencing, and the infrastructure technology being developed by Planet First Alliance, we can start to connect students with educators around the world.


FreeFlow complementary digital currencies

Our Digital Nation needs a set of safe complementary digital currencies. They need to be compatible with our existing fiat currencies, maintain their value in all situations, globally usable, freely exchangeable and cannot be abused by centralized organizations or hackers. Most current digital currencies are not good enough yet. This allows the FreeFlow Nation members to freely participate in a digital economy.


FreeFlow connectivity, Internet and information

We need a safe and cost effective digital backbone to create our FreeFlow Nation. The current internet is too expensive, power hungry, centralized and not scalable enough. We need a better 100% decentralized alternative owned by us all.


Our "Digital Self" needs to be owned by our selves

We are already cyborgs – our phones are an extension of our minds, they make us smarter and faster.
Our identity and data on the Internet is our "Digital Self," which we unfortunately don't own. We became a product and need our freedom back.

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