Sustainable 5G

The world is increasingly generating more and more data – from photos and videos to connected devices and the Internet of Things, this is not going to slow down. So, we need a faster connectivity solution.

The problem with most 5G solutions is that going from 4G to 5G means an increase in wave frequency, to potentially harmful levels of radiation (near microwave). Since these waves cannot penetrate surfaces like walls, for example, many more transmitters would be required, creating a lot of open air (near) microwaves, and necessitating quite a bit of power. Additionally, an increased number of "access points" poses a security risk.

The Solution

Increase connectivity speeds without increasing wave frequency


A better 5G, which allows a more personalised communication in terms of transmission and end user connectivity – a directed beam of electromagnetic radiation towards the device specifically, not radiated everywhere.


Whisper, don't shout. The current method of transmitting connectivity is akin to "shouting" from a centralized location out to the world. When there are a lot of people (devices) around, the shouting needs to be louder. A smarter approach is to "whisper."


Can achieve 5G-level bandwidth without the level of security risk, potentially-harmful radiation, or use of power necessary for most solutions being proposed today.



Q1 2018

4G+ Capabilities
Tested & POCs deployed.
300K+ Concurrent Data (Per Mast)

Q3 2018

3 Countries (Ghana, Mozam, France.)
Lean Information and Communications Technology
Lower cost of ownership 

Q4 2019

Launch of the 5G+ technology that is more cost effective, more safer and more efficient comparing to other 5G implementations

Q2 2021

5x locations
Safer frequency
More data users
Fewer Masts
Lean ICT 

5G+ 20 Countries 
Q4 2021

5x locations
Safer frequency
More data users
Fewer Masts
Lean ICT

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